Increase Your Bench Press Like The NFL Pros

 Are You Ready For Some Special Muscle Building Secrets?

Muscle Building Secrets

How would you like to bench 225lbs as many times as some these powerhouse soon to be NFL Football players?

These guys going into these combines train for months just trying to push 225lbs as many times as they can. These players employ all kinds of techniques to get that explosiveness ready for that bench test at the combines. NFL Scouts are really looking at this this test to see just how strong and how much stamina these big men really do have. And let me just say, you would be surprised at some of these 300lb lineman and how strong they are.

Last year, Stephen Paea of Oregon State bench pressed a weight of 225 pounds for an incredible 49 repetitions. Yes, that is a weight that most gym rats, focused upon the big heavy lifts, would be happen to move 10 or 12 times, right? Paea’s goal isn’t to be a bodybuilder or powerlifter. Rather, he’d rather make millions of dollars playing defensive tackle in the NFL. The insane bench press strength was just a demonstration he casually delivered to show how much strength and stamina he possessed.

Don’t you want Muscle Building Tips For Men and an increase in your Stamina? What’s that? You’re a bodybuilder. You want to get BIG. You want muscle building growth tips to increase your bench right? You want to be strong. You aren’t worried about running marathons or keeping up with your girlfriend on the elliptical machine, right? You just wanna get big and move some big weight. However, in your one-sided goal, you have probably forgotten about the importance of stamina when lifting. If your muscles cannot obtain the blood (and oxygen!) they need, your set will end much sooner than you should be ending. In other words, you run out of air before you run out of muscle, if that makes sense!

Change this up by completing short, intense burst of cardio such as sprints. In addition to the cardio, you can optimize the amount of oxygen your muscles can enjoy by training in a style that is somewhat similar to the explosive nature of the NFL combine style bench pressing. Try exploding into every repetition. This might go against everything you’ve ever been taught about the importance of training in a slow methodical manner in order to build muscle. But it will to an increase in the amount of weight you can move. This is very similar to powerlifting training, in which athletes will utilize extremely fast ‘speed reps’, moving that bar on the bench press as fast as they can, using less weight.

Bump up your diet as well. If you’re training with intense sprinting for cardio and knocking out plenty of speed reps on the bench press, then you aren’t going to have to worry too much about gaining body fat. Pile on the beef and potatoes to your plate until you find you have the energy to train in this manner while at the same time adding a few pounds to the scale. This new beef on the scale will be new muscle – and will allow you to train for higher repetitions.

Finally, consider the use of a supplement to give you a boost of training energy on chest day. NOS drinks and others using caffeine will give you energy you won’t recognize, and you will train like a madman as a result. Good luck with your Muscle Building Growth Tips for your bench!

Special thanks to Primal Muscle

Bench Pressing: NFL Combine Style!

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Fast Muscle Building Tips/Muscle Building Secrets

Check out these Muscle Building Tips for Men and Women!

In this article you will find tips on how to build muscle;

It may seem impossible but there are people that are able to gain muscle fast. You just have to know the proper workout factors to do so. If you want to know more about the 5 work-out factors you can do in order to gain muscle fast, read on. But just remember, before you actually do this, you have to focus on increasing the strength levels of your body. Therefore, the repetition of each work-out must increase overtime.

Learn How To Build Lean Muscle And Burn Fat From Youtube!

Muscle Building Secrets

Do not have the mentality that most beginners and hard gainers have when they are first starting out. Just remember that quality is more important than quantity. If you keep an eye on how proper you do your repetitions, exercises, sets, and increase your total training time, then you are setting the foundation for the 5 Workout Factors that will allow you to gain muscle fast.

Top Muscle Building Tip #1

The first rule is to not do more than repetitions. Picture this scenario. If you are lifting weights beyond 10 repetitions, you are concentrating on the slow-twitch fiber muscles that you have. These are the parts that have the smallest chance for growing muscles. Since you are a gainer, you need to have more muscles in each set. Choose the weights you are using when you enter the 11th repetition. Just make sure that every single set is complementary to every single exercise.

Mass Building Tip #2

The second step is to reduce your work-out time. If you can do more work in less amount of time, this means you have increased your exercise and work capacity. Work here means the sets, poundage, and reps you do in your work out. Therefore, the next time you go to the gym, do your best to complete your exercise in less time. You can do this by taking shorter rest and by moving from one exercise to the next exercise faster.

Muscle Growth Tip #3

The third step is to only do one exercise. Yes, only one. The exception is when you believe the notion that you must separate one muscle from the other. This can be done in just an hour. However, if you follow this rule, you have to make use of the most max weight. In doing this, you gain muscle fast. It is, however, not safe to claim that you will eventually maximize muscle fibers. Just take it one step at a time. The goal here is to spark those muscles in order for these to grow as soon as possible.

Fast Muscle Building Tip #4

The fourth step is to not just do more than three to five sets for every muscle group each day. If you do so, then you might just be pushing your muscles to the limits. What you can do is gauge how much your muscles can do per exercise. Remember that in order for you to gain muscle fast, you require rules that will allow your body to adjust to these appropriately.

Finally, you have to make it a point that you increase your strength 5% for every two weeks. If so, then you are definitely a living proof that you can gain muscle fast. You just need the discipline, commitment, and drive to get this done.

Take these important Muscle Growth Tips and apply them to your workout regimen and notice sizable gains to your muscle mass in  a short amount of time!


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Why The Deadlift Should Be Added To Any Muscle Building Workout

Adding the Deadlift can add muscle building benefits to your workout!
The Best Muscle Building Tip is to add the Deadlift to your regimen!

Mentioned previously, some great benefits of deadlifting are numerous and diverse.
If you haven’t included it in your muscle building program yet, you might after understanding  its own incredible attributes. Without a doubt, deadlifting is effective due to the fact:

Bare Minimum Devices Used For The Deadlift

It again requires little in the form of accessories and planning. A bar plus the desire to lift it will be the main requirements for any effective dead-lift. Wraps are discretionary, and in some cases, not necessary.

Core Balance and Stability Developed With The Deadlift

Dead Lifting develops core stability. The deadlift directly targets every one of the major groups of muscles accountable for correct posture and core strength. Proper deadlifting technique allows a person to hold their back right when participating in activities, due to the focus on maintaining a upright back during its movement.

The deadlift will even strengthen all of the encompassing supporting muscles from your waist, backside, hips and obviously, lumbar region. Core strength is very important with regards to maintaining ones balance, andbodyweight transference ,whether or not in sport or everyday life.

A lot more Muscles Worked During The Deadlift Movement

As stated, the deadlift functions more muscles concurrently than every other movement yes, including maybe the beloved squat. The countless muscles the deadlift focuses on is going to be discussed within the next section. The deadlift truly forces the entire body to build massive amounts of muscle.

The Deadlift Is Safe For Everyone

It is comparatively harmless and safe to execute. Using the deadlift, there’s no probability of getting pinned beneath a maximum lift ,much like the squat and the flat bench press, and provided form is correct, won’t unnecessarily stress any one of the main joints.

Deadlift Applies Real World Application

The Dead Lift includes a true to life application. Lifting objects on the ground, originating from an assortment of angles, is elevated through regular deadlifting. The true life usefulness from the deadlift is needed when one becomes sufficiently strong enough to lift a large object (furniture for instance), while reducing the probability of injuring their selves.

The Deadlift Develops Grip Strength In The Forearms

The deadlift builds up holding power. If finished without wraps, the deadlift will improve the grip like hardly any other movement as a result of sheer weight involved (it isn’t uncommon for someone to build up to three hundred+ pounds for reps).

The Deadlift Is A True Way Of Measuring Absolute Strength

It could possibly be argued that, in the powerlifting context, the deadlift is really a true way of measuring strength due to the lack of emphasis on various performance aids (suits etc). Furthermore, it employs more muscles, and consequently might be deemed a much better test of overall muscle building strength.

Special Appeal To Everyone

It has a special appeal. Simply picking a weight off the floor, and engaging all major muscle groups in the process, has a special primordial appeal – sort of like ripping a gigantic tree out of the ground. Standing and holding the massive weight also promotes a feeling of immense power

The Deadlift Builds Cardiovascular Respiratory Fitness

It helps you to develop cardio respiratory fitness. Such as the squat, deadlifts will severely tax the cardio respiratory system if carried out with sufficient high intensity. This certainly has beneficial implications for cardiovascular health. In reality, intense deadlifts aerobically tax the entire body in a major way.

In conclusion, the deadlift has many advantages as to why you should add this muscle building tip to your current workout regimen. It develops overall body strength in areas you would not even think about building muscle in,such as the lower back,forearms, and core area! If the deadlift is done with proper technique it can improve all your other lifts by increasing overall CNS structure and just overall brute strength. If you are really serious about adding some serious muscle and at the same time building  incredible strength, then add this muscle building tip, the deadlift to your muscle building program today!


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Fast Muscle Building Secrets

 3 Critical Exercise Routine Success Factors For Muscle Building Secrets

Muscle Building Diets can lead you to a better body in no time!

By: Jeremy Markum

The ‘Rule Of 3′ Meets Pareto’s ’80/20′ And You Get Fit Faster As A Result!

Everybody likes simple lists.

Everybody likes Rules Of Thumb.

And as far as I can tell, everyone wants tighter abs and more energy.

So, naturally, we all look for the “best” muscle building diet and the “best” fast muscle building tips training routines to bring us closer to that six-pack…ideally, in the least amount of time possible.

…Oh yeah–and we don’t want to think too hard either!

The Old Way Muscle Building Tips:
Counting calories? Fuh-ged-a-bow-dit!

Getting a bodyfat measurement each week? No way!

Calculating our new “estimated 1-rep max” for 27 different exercises? Puh-leeze.

So what’s the solution fast muscle building tips?
Well, if you don’t mind limiting our example to exercise for the moment, I think I have a few things that can help you in your endless search for the most efficient use of your fitness time.

(which is like, what? about 45 minutes a day 3-4 times a week if you’re lucky?) …It’s OK–you’re human! I do this stuff for a living, and I don’t spend much more time than that myself.

Introducing: “The Rule Of the-80/20 muscle building (Principle)”

Any activity of importance (like exercise) can be broken down into three, and only three Critical Success Factors. Furthermore, one of these critical success factors should account for 80% of your efforts. And the other two, on average, just 10% of your time, energy, and effort (that is, of course, if you actually want to get anything done).

Thus sayeth The Fitness Sage (that’s me).

And you should listen to me when it comes to getting things done, because I have a Masters Degree *and* ADD (attention deficit disorder). Without principles like the above, I would be hocking blackmarket Pi-Tae-Boga-Lates tapes to out-of-work actors in LA.

Yeah, so I’m ripping off the Pareto Principle and the Rule Of 3, but you’ll forgive me real quick when you see how this applies to your exercise routine.

Now that I’ve circumnavigated my point a few times, here it is real simple, in 3 (surprise, surprise) easy steps:

The Three Critical Exercise Routine Success Factors For Fast Muscle Building
1. Consistent Progression: Needs 80% of your time and attention.
2. Sufficient Intensity: Needs 15% of your time and attention.
3. Intelligent Evolution: Needs 5% of your time and attention.

Simple huh?

But maybe you need some clarification, so here goes.

Consistent Progression Explained for muscle building secrets:
There are really just 3-4 muscle building secret parameters that even matter to the average Jane or Joe who wants a good body and excellent health: Rest Period, Load, Reps-Per-Set, and Total Number Of Sets.

So your job is to simply pick one of these, hold all the rest constant, and improve your chosen muscle building workout parameter from week-to-week, workout-to-workout until you can no longer do so (just remember to hold everything else constant! especially total workout duration).

When you can’t improve on your chosen parameter, pick a different one and repeat.

That’s it. It really is that simple. Tools needed: 1 pocket-sized notebook and a stopwatch.

Of course, you might want some proven, superior methods to “improve on your chosen parameter.” At the bottom of this article, you’ll get your wish! But first…

Sufficient Intensity Explained for Fast Muscle Building Secrets:
Make sure you’re doing resistance training folks. Not aerobics. Not LSD (long slow distance cardio). Or any other fitness fad that makes your lungs burn more than your muscles. If you’re consistently getting 20+ reps on all your exercises, then you need to choose more difficult exercises. Period.

Cardio and aerobics have health benefits no doubt, but if you’re really looking for “bang-for-your-fitness-buck”, and you’re short on time, then stick with resistance training. It’s the only kind of exercise that builds muscle and boosts your metabolism permanently–not just during your workout.

Shoot for exercises that are so difficult, you can only perform between 1 and 15 reps. This could be weightlifting (if you lack the creativity and sophistication of a “Tao Of Functional Fitness” devotee who relies solely on portable exercise equipment–like Fitness Bands–and their own bodyweight), but it doesn’t have to be. If you know how to manipulate leverage, even bodyweight only exercises can be made difficult enough.

Why just 15% of your time worrying about this? Because all you have to do is make sure most of your exercise (excluding a proper warmup of course) falls within this rep range. Not exactly rocket-science. Nuff said.

Intelligent Evolution In Muscle Building Tips:
This is just another term for “periodization” or “cyclic training.” Basically it means that you need a strategy for changing your exercise routine over the long haul as you get stronger and closer to realizing your goals. Most of the time the Consistent Progression rule takes care of this, hence the paltry 5% of your noggin that’s required to intelligently evolve.

But over the long haul, you sometimes need to dramatically change your workout protocol. There’s not space here to explore all the ins-and-outs of doing this, but a simplified recommendation would be to cycle between phases where you focus on increasing the Average Load you handle during your workouts, and phases where you’re more concerned with the Amount Of Work Per Unit Time you perform (i.e. “Strength” vs. “Density”).

Conclusion on Muscle Building
Consistent Progression (80%) + Sufficient Intensity (15%) + Intelligent Evolution (5%).

Find an fast muscle building routine that gives you that, and you’re on to something!

Learn more Muscle Building Tips Now!


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Author Bio
Jeremy Markum (The Fitness Sage) is an author and fitness consultant based in San Diego,
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Muscle Building Diet Information

The Best Muscle Building Diet/Muscle Building Tips

The best muscle building diet is a combination of consuming adequate calories and the proper types of foods. On the other hand athletes and people on muscle building diets must eat at least 1gram per lb of bodyweight in order to build muscle. The one caveat to using soy products as a source of protein is that they should be viewed as only a small part of a balanced diet because they lack the amino acid balance that is necessary for building muscle.

Learn more Muscle Building Tips now!

For the best muscle building diet, consume food that are rich in protein and carbohydrates. This will fuel your workout sessions and give your body the nutrients it needs as you put yourself through grueling activities. Your calories should come from lean meat, fish, eggs and the like instead of food high in fat content. Also include protein shakes and recommended muscle supplements that will help your body. protein products as a source of protein is that they should be viewed as only a small part of a balanced diet because they lack the amino acid balance that is necessary for building muscle.

The best muscle building diet plans begin with consuming regular foods supplying the physique with the correct ratio associated with proteins, carbs and fats from normal times during the day. Consuming little foods several times each day raises your own metabolic process and increases the rate at which your body burns fat. It is extremely important to keep your metabolism frequently fed, with out normal intervals associated with diet, the body will switch to a fat cell function machine as opposed to a fat loss machine. My favorite workouts are  cardio circuit training  programs.

Therefore, the best muscle building diet will tell you to eat small and regular meals. By leaving short times between your meals, as low as 2-3 hours, you will continue to speed up your metabolism. A fast metabolism is great for gaining muscle mass as you are providing your body with a constant supply of muscle building nutrients while also increasing the rate at which you burn unwanted body fat. Also by having many smaller portion meals spread over the day instead of the usual 3 large meals you will have more chance of absorbing all of the nutrients from your food and not leaving any to waste.

As you are searching for the best muscle building diet for massive muscle gains you obviously realise the significance a well-structured diet has on muscle gains. It is true that without an effective eating plan your muscle building dreams will never become a reality, no matter how good your training program is.

In conclusion if you are mainly focusing on building muscle then your main and most important focus needs to be your diet. And when I say diet I am partially saying you need all the important calories from your good proteins, your good carbs and good fats to complete an awesome muscle building package!

Check out more Muscle Building Programs!


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445lb Bench On Last Set of 1′s

I am getting stronger every week so far with this current bench program!

Shoulders are sore from 445lb bench with the Maddog Slingshot!

Looking for next week to move up to 455 on last set of 1!!! Goal is to get 500lb bench with the Maddog Slingshot by March of 2012!

Will give more details on my bench program on a later post! Such as sets, reps and rest periods. I have been on this program for about 6-7 weeks with a little deloading in between.

Just as to keep the shoulders and joints from killing me to much on the bench!!!

Anyway, will post more as I progress on up in my numbers. I feel i am about to hit a wall, so my gains may slow a little. that is why I chose to put my goal date down as March 2012!

I will get 500, no ifs ands or BUTTS!!!!! LOL….
Later Bigtxn31

Muscle Building Tips and Fat Loss Tricks

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10 Common Symptoms And Signs Of High Blood Pressure

Still The Place For All Your Muscle Building Tips and Fat Loss Tricks

The Most Common Signs That You Have High Blood Pressure

I know the main topic of this blog is Muscle Building Tips and Fat Loss Tricks but I think this subject I’m going to talk about today is very important in maintaining a healthy life.

High Blood pressure is the force of blood against arteries. Do you have high blood pressure? This article will give you detail about 10 common sypmtoms and sings of hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

High Blood pressure is the measure of force against arteries. Do you have high blood pressure? Do you know what are common symptoms and signs of high blood pressure? This article will give you comprehensive information about common signs and symptoms of high blood pressure.

Usually people ignore high blood pressure. Even those who take medicine, only take anti hypertensive medication for short time. Studies have proved that 90% of high blood pressure patients show non compliance with their medication. If you will not control your blood pressure it may lead to serious problems with your Heart, Kidneys, Brain and Eyes. If you want to save these vital organs , then you will have to control your blood pressure with in limits.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80. If this reading goes above 140/90, then you consider yourself as a hypertensive patient. Between 120 and 140 is a pre hypertensive stage. which can be controlled even by natural measures like exercise, low salt intake, stop smoking, lower cholesterol, eat vegetables etc.

How will you come to know that you have high blood pressure?
High blood pressure typically has no symptoms at all, that is why we can call it as Silent killer. Although there are many coincidental symptoms that are widely believed to be associated with high blood pressure. These include headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, a flushed face and fatigue. Although people with high blood pressure may have many of these symptoms, they occur just as frequently in those with normal blood pressure. Why these symptoms occur, If a person has high blood pressure that is severe or longstanding and left untreated, symptoms such as headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, restlessness, and blurred vision can occur as a result of damage to the brain, eyes, heart and kidneys. In rare cases, high blood pressure may cause brain swelling, which can lead to drowsiness and coma.

Briefly Hypertension has following 10 common symptoms.
Nosebleed (Epistaxis)
tinnitus(Ringing in Ears)
sleepiness, Ansomnia
profuse sweating
low libido or lack of sexual desire
Blurred vision

If you have not above symptoms, it does not mean that you have no high blood pressure. Remember most common symptom of high Blood pressure is that ” It Has No Symptom”.

For more information on high blood pressure check with your local doctor on your next visit!

Other Important Muscle Building Pages From Muscle Building Tips and Fat loss Tricks:

Muscle Building Fat Loss Tips

Lean Hybrid Muscle Building System

Big Muscle 3 Steps


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Tips For Building Lean Muscle Mass

The Best Muscle Building Ensights

5 Simple Tips For Increasing Lean Muscle

Have exercise misconceptions prevented you from beginning an exercise program? Clear up any confusion and let these exercise muscle building tips improve your workout system. Hopefully none of these common muscle building exercise myths, mistakes and misconceptions have prevented you from working out and building muscle or losing fat.

Muscle Building Tip 1. Common Mistake: Failure to set goals. Do you exercise without a clear objective in mind? Having a clear objective set is a critical step in exercise and weight loss success. Tracking your progress in a journal will help make sure you see your improvements, will help motivate you and help you meet your final objective.

Muscle Building Tip 2. Common Misconception: No Pain, No Gain. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. Do not ignore this. When you go beyond exercise and testing yourself, you will encounter physical discomfort and need to overcome it. An example of this would be training for a marathon. It is important that you have the a base training before getting in to the advance training. The base training develops the body and gets it prepared for extensive training. You need to learn to read your body. Is the heavy breathing because you are pushing your body or could it be the beginning of a heart problem or a heart attack. Exercise is important. Do it correctly and you can do it for the remainder of your life.

It is normal for you to hurt after you exercise, but it must be done gradually with a nice amount of rest periods to permit proper healing. There’s common issues here with beginning exercisers. You may cause long lasting damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments in case you work out while you are in pain, without allowing rest time to heal. You might find yourself in constant and long lasting pain in case you do this which means that you will no longer be able to exercise.

Muscle Building Tip 3. Common Mistake: Sacrificing Quality for Quantity. When you are prepared to increase the number of reps of a specific exercise, and strengthen the corresponding muscles, in lieu of forcing yourself to do a small little bit more each time, try decreasing the number of reps in a set but increase the number of sets. Also, back off to half your usual number of reps but add a couple of more sets. You will feel less worn out and will be able to gain strength in your fast-twitch muscles.

In case you wake up the next morning after you exercised and can barely drag your aching body out of bed because everything hurts, you are going to be less motivated to exercise at all. Constant pain is a sure way to kill your exercise program.
Muscle Building Tip 4. Common Myth: Weight Training Makes Ladies Bulky. Weight training for a woman will strengthen and firm the muscles, burn overweight fat cells and increase metabolism, not build mass. Ladies do not produce tons of testosterone to build muscle mass the way that men do.
Muscle Building Tip 5. Common Mistake: Over-Emphasizing Strengths. You ought to start focusing on your very weak points than your great body parts. This will help you balance things. For example, if your lower body is stronger than you upper body, then try to work only on this area day a week.

Being smart about the way you exercise will take you a long way. It is important to have a healthy body so get out there and start exercising today.

Learn more about Muscle Building Tips and Fat Loss Tricks here!


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How To Build Muscle Made Easy

Muscle Building Made Uncomplicated

Relatively easy Effective Muscle Building Techniques

How to build muscle quickly is in some measure found inside these ideas . They are what exactly you need to build muscle at the quickest , but do not expect to see ones own muscles alter right away. It will need a minor effort on your component , but you will get there.

When attemping to build muscle swift for men it’s about exercising each muscle group more intelligent, not trickier. Rest is just as essential these days as the resistance training component, and ingesting a precise diet is the most crucial.

Building muscle mass quick for men means a bodybuilder’s diet plan must have at least 25% of its calories coming from both animal and vegetable protein. It is best to only eat complex carbohydrates, in particular those vegetables that contain protein as well. Fats and fibers should also constitute about 25% of your diet. Keep away from of refined sugars, refined starches and consume minimal caffeine and alcohol.

If you knew how to build muscle then the skinny jokes would have ended long ago. If you knew how to gain weight quickly then the blank stares would stop when you tell someone you work out with weights. And if you knew how to build muscle and gain weight quickly you would no longer frustrated that the scale has not budged upwards since you first started lifting. Something may be wrong if your muscle building gains have halted!

Learn more about Muscle Building Tips And Fat Loss Tricks!

The real secret of building lean muscle for women is to lift heavy weights. Don’t worry, you are not going to get huge muscles like all the guys. It just does not work like that. The only way to gain muscle mass is to force the body to lift ever increasing loads, and the only way to do this is to stay within a low-rep range. If you’re doing loads of reps with light weights… STOP! This will never help you to build muscle. Stick with between 4-8 reps per set, and make sure your last rep is almost undoable.

Why have I not gained any muscle over the past 6 months? This is one of the basic fundamental questions of bodybuilding. You have to realize that the answer is quite simple. Watch what you eat and combine this with consistent, sustained resistance training and you are going to see results. Your diet should be rich in protein, combined with good carb intake along with the correct EFA intake. More specifics can be found in certain programs.

Learn more about Gaining Muscle Mass the most simple way.

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How To Gain Muscle Fast

Gaining Muscle Mass Fast

Muscle Building Tips

  What is your goal every-time you walk into the gym? Is it to  build muscle, lift more weight, or just break even.Well, if you are like me you do not want to waste your time in the gym doing the wrong workouts, or reps! In order to build muscle you have to follow a specific regimen to produce the muscle building results that you are looking for. You can’t just go in the gym and lift the same weight over and over and get mad when you don’t see any results. Your body will not adapt and build more muscle with you lifting the exact same weight over and over and over. There has to be a new stimulus on the muscle fibers, whether it be doing the weight for more reps or adding more weight to what you already do. You have to constantly challenge your body to build more muscle. This also involves you eating more calories than you need so recovery is no issue. And that’s a whole other post in itself!

Here is some of the most popular advice I give to the hard gainer when he wishes to gain muscle fast.

1. Do No More Than 10 Reps Max For Muscle Building.

If you are lifting weights beyond 10 reps than you are emphasizing your slow-twitch muscle fibers which have the smallest opportunity for muscle growth. You are a hard gainer and you need recruit the maximal amount of muscle fibers in every set. Always choose your weights knowing that a 11th rep is forbidden and trespassing into ‘skinny land.’

If you really want to gain muscle fast than get your mind into heavy lifting mode. Every single set and every single exercise. Keep the weights heavy and never more than 10 reps. Approach every workout knowing that you are going to be venturing into new territory and waging war on your skinny genetics. I recommend these workouts with a workout partner so you can eliminate any safetey issues, not slack off and push your limits every inch of the way.

2. Cut Your Workout Time Down( Do more in less time)

Perform more work in less time and you have increased your work capacity. Work refers to the number of sets, reps and poundage within your workout. Who is fitter? The guy who can do 4 sets of 185 pounds bench press with 30 second rest or the guy who can do 4 sets of 185 pound bench press with 90 second rest? The one who can do the same amout of work in less time. Guess who is more muscular? The one who has a higher work capacity.

Next time you enter the gym, try to complete your current workout in less time. Take shorter rests. Move from one exercise to the next much quicker. Don’t be surprised if you feel out of shape! This is one of the easiest tips you can take away to increase your muscle density and take your fitness to a new level. Be prepared to humble yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

3. Focus On One Muscle Building Power Movement Per Muscle Group

(Rows,Dead-lifts,Squats,Bench Press, Shoulder Presses)

Only one? Yes, only one, unless you want to buy into the notion that you must mutilate a muscle for over an hour to get any growth out of it. Consider this typical day in the gym. Today is your chest day. Your first exercise is bench press. You perform your first set with 185 lbs, second set with 205 lbs, third set with 225 lbs and fourth set with 245 lbs.

Assuming this is your max weight for the desired number of reps, is it not safe to say that you have used the maximal number of muscle fibers? Your goal is to simple spark your muscles into growth. Not exhaust them to death. Once they experience a unknown assalut (stimulus), your body will be forced to adapt and create new muscle to prevent future assaults! Therefore, your take home lesson is this: Once you have out performed your last workout, it is time to move onto the next exercise.

4. Do No More Than 3-5 Sets Per Muscle Group

I question a hard gainers workout intensity if they must do more than 3-5 sets per muscle group. Now if you are using anabolic steroids or have muscle friendly genes than you can safely dismiss this advice. Remember, learning how to gain muscle fast for the hard gainer requires following a new set of rules.

Consider the first 1-2 sets at 85% maximal effort. The third set at 95% maximal effort and the fourth (and sometimes fifth) set at 100% maximal effort. It is only this last all out set that contributes to the greatest muscle growth. Anything over and above this last go till you blow set simply exhausts the muscle beyond reason and delays your recovery ability to hit the muscle again. It is this last set that you should perform at least 1-2 extra reps or 5-10 extra pounds than last workout. Mission accomplished. You have sparked your muscles into growth. Time to move on.

5. Add 5% More Weight Every Two Weeks To Your Muscle Building Workouts

One of the biggest mistakes I see hard gainers make in the gym is not track there progress. They return week-after-week to simply reherse the same workouts with the absense of progress. How do you expect to gain muscle fast if you continue to lift the same weights each workout? Your body is designed to tolerate stress. Assault it and let it get bigger. Assault it and let it get bigger. It’s a simple concept.

So your take home message is to aim for a minimum of 5% strength increase every two weeks. You might progress a little quicker with larger muscle groups like back and legs versus smaller muscles like biceps and triceps. Just think, in six months from now, you will be over twice as strong as you are now! I would actually recommend writing down your strength goals for six months from now and than work backwords. If you are currently dead lifting 135 lbs, aim to be deadlifting 270 lbs over the next few months!

Take these muscle building tips and apply them to your workouts and watch your muscles grow!

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